Beach Bouldering

Unfortunately, the Golden Era of Tampa Bay area buildering has passed with the destruction of the great lines at Fort Desoto.  No longer can you park in the lot on the beach, walk 30 seconds to the walls, put on your shoes and get a classic session in.  Fortunately, Egmont Key still provides fun climbing …

Nautical Themed Engagement Shoot in St Petersburg

I recently had the pleasure of photographing my friends Mike and Megan for their engagement.  We took to the high seas of Tampa Bay to capture their love with a watery twist.  Every one managed to stay on board, despite Mother Nature’s and Megan’s 4 inch heels best efforts.

Adventure Surf in the Gomex | Round 2

As a strong cold front barreled its way across the Southeast, plans emerged to check out Egmont Key for potential surf.  After a promising exploratory mission to Shell Key a few weeks prior, the gang was psyched to see what a stronger system would produce wave-wise in the Gulf of Mexico. The front pushed through …

Adventure Surf in the Gomex

The numerous islands off the southern coast of St Petersburg in the Gulf of Mexico have long intrigued many for their unkown surf potential, but the logistics of actually getting there pose quite a barrier.  On Tuesday, it all came together.  Though not the head high glass every surfer dreams of, the pounding beach break …

Sailing the Bay

There’s something alluring about the ocean, the wind and the ability to go wherever your mind steers you.    

St Petersburg Grand Prix

    The international world of grand prix motorsports descended onto the streets of St Petersburg, FL over the weekend for the first event of the 2011 IRL season.  With half of downtown and the airport cordoned off as part of the track, and the other half of downtown playing support to the myriad workers, …

Tampa Area Buildering Guide

Are you a rock climber stuck in Florida? Are you in desperate need of vertical terrain to challenge your bluff scaling needs? Look no further because here’s your holy grail:

Egmont Video

The crew headed to Egmont to enjoy the first cold front of the season.  Video pieced together from over 800 stills.


Egmont Key – Fort Desoto’s hot sister, is home to not only thousands of nesting shore birds, but also some of Florida’s finest bouldering.  Battery Bigelow at Fort Dade on Egmont Key was destroyed by hurricanes in 1932 leaving behind gently overhung walls right at the waters edge.  While its no Virgin Gorda, the beach …

Storming the fort.

Climbing is where you find it.  Some people have marvelous crags a mere stone’s throw from their homes, while others (namely us Floridians) may not be so fortunate.  Those not blessed with the presence of rocks nearby have taken to the streets in search of human creations upon which to feed their hunger. Skyscrapers, freeway …