40 hrs & 40 kts – the call of the Tortugas

190 nautical miles due south of St Petersburg, FL lies a cluster of small shoals and islands more reminiscent of the Caribbean than of the typical Gulf of Mexico beaches.  In mid-April, we set a bee line course for the Dry Tortugas.  The rough 40+ hour journey in gale force winds and large, confused seas was but a minor entry toll to a land lost in time.

 40 hrs & 40 kts   the call of the Tortugaslandscape
Dry Tortugas – Images by Chris Brown

2 thoughts

  1. I have always wanted to fish the Tortugas. The fly fishing is supposed to be wonderful!! the water is beautiful.

  2. Definitely go! You will not be disappointed with the fishing, though you can only fish within a 1 mile radius of Fort Jefferson.

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