Adventure Surf in the Gomex | Round 2

As a strong cold front barreled its way across the Southeast, plans emerged to check out Egmont Key for potential surf.  After a promising exploratory mission to Shell Key a few weeks prior, the gang was psyched to see what a stronger system would produce wave-wise in the Gulf of Mexico.

The front pushed through Wednesday night and Thursday was the day.  The strong winds coupled with a huge full moon low tide made for some tricky conditions.  It was not possible to safely get to Egmont.  The shipping channel that seperates Egmont Key and Fort Desoto was completely closed out on either side with 4 – 8 ft breaking waves and shallow water.  After unsuccessfully attempting to get through, we decided to check the inlet between Fort Desoto and Shell Key: Bunce’s Pass.

By the time we were in the water, the waves had diminished to 2 – 3 feet.  Had we stopped at Bunce’s first we surely would have enjoyed the 3 – 5 footers we saw rolling through.  Though it was no Teahupoo, the lack of crowds and the effort required to get there ensured all came away smiling

surfing sailing egmont 02 Adventure Surf in the Gomex | Round 2sailing 2


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2 thoughts

  1. What was the direction of the swell when you were out at Bunce’s Pass?

  2. Luke – this was pure NW cold front swell with NE winds. It picks up South swell too.

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