Hurricane (surf) Season

The waters of the Gulf, Caribbean and Atlantic are heating up.  How long until the swell is pumping?  I dug up a few shots of Anna Maria doing its thing during Hurricane Wilma:

wilma1 Hurricane (surf) Seasonsailing 2

wilma2 Hurricane (surf) Seasonsailing 2


wilma3 Hurricane (surf) Seasonsailing 2

wilmaplumeria Hurricane (surf) Seasonsailing 2


Nice little Caribbean Vid:


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4 thoughts

  1. Hey man,

    I saw your posts in the Cruisers forum. I sailed over to the Abacos back in the day (’90) and found a cool little surf spot. White Sound, just a mile south of Hope Town. There’s a marina and restaurant there now or anchor out. Walk just over the island ~ 200′ and there’s a good reef break close to shore. Do it while you can.

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