Backcountry Motivation

‘Tis (almost) the season for backcountry climbing.  Warm air is slowly making its way into the mountains while thoughts of remote f.a.’s and the associated logistics slowly creep their way into my mind.  The Sierra have so many options it seems the hardest part is narrowing it down to just one.

Last year Josh Finkelstein and I did a bit of aerial recon into the hills to have a look for ourselves.  Walls galore.  All you’ve got to do is just hike out there…

cessna 182 Backcountry Motivationclimbing

Our noble steed, a suped up Cessna 182.


citadel Backcountry Motivationclimbing

The Citadel.

More photos and video after the jump…

mt tyndal Backcountry Motivationclimbing

Mount Tyndall.


bubbs creek wall and charlotte dome Backcountry Motivationclimbing

Bubbs Creek Wall and Charlotte Dome.

sequoia Backcountry Motivationclimbing

A wall somewhere in Sequoia/Kings Canyon.


crabtree and chamberlin Backcountry Motivationclimbing

Mt Chamberlin and the Crabtree Lakes.

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