Beach Bouldering in Florida?

If Tiger Woods was a rock climber, his estate on Jupiter Island would be basecamp for the only bouldering in Florida.

80 miles north of Miami lies a pocket of beach-front land saved from development by the hard working people of The Nature Conservancy.  This land, Blowing Rocks Preserve, is also home to a great surf break and a small cliff band recently made (in)famous by DeadPoint Magazine with claims of V12 boulder problems.  A posse and I recently went down for a little recon mission.  What we found was promising, but with the logistics of lining up a mandatory low tide with small surf conditions and the seasonal sand depth changes, catching the place perfect could be as difficult as catching one of the hollow tubes that infrequently break across the offshore reefs.

Below is a small preview.  Keep your eyes peeled for more in an upcoming edition of Dead Point Magazine.

mark blowing rocks jupiter Beach Bouldering in Florida?buildering climbing

Mark Mercer beach bouldering in Florida.

andi blowing rocks jupiter Beach Bouldering in Florida?buildering climbing

Andi Fidazi beach bouldering in Florida.

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