Storming Castles

Two days into a supposed one day approach, near the summit of Mt. Whitney, things were getting grim.  It wasn’t really one thing that was causing discomfort, but more of a combination of many minor and not so minor issues.  The 70 pound packs didn’t help.  Nor did the 12 mile approach up and over the Whitney Crest – the tallest ridge in the lower 48.  Beyond the crest however, lay the stuff dreams are made of; gold and ivory ramparts shooting straight to the sky – white castles.

See Rock and Ice Issue 195 for the full feature on Sierra adventures.

rockandice Storming Castlesclimbing

new storming blog ad Storming Castlesclimbing

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10 thoughts

  1. Way cool Chris! Is this going to get published? I particularly liked the birth of Josh! Hilarius! Congrats to the proud mother.

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  5. Erin and I have been so inspired by these photos that we will be visiting both upper crabtree lake and incredible hulk on our way up to Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon. Thanks for the tips the other day while she was trying on shoes.

  6. Glad to have inspired you guys Dave. Hit me up if you’ve got more questions on the area.

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