Rain in the Desert aka The Experience of Being There…

DSC00589a1 950x712 Rain in the Desert aka The Experience of Being There...climbing

Pat and Josh looking out onto the encroaching city from their bivy below The Rainbow Wall.

We often hear about the latest 5.TEEN or V-TEEN crushed by some ‘hard person’ from a magical land full of the best rock, the best routes and the best climbers. Flip the page or click next and then you get to read about someone doing it FASTER or in less tries or with only one shoe on. Is this what inspires you to climb? Sure its great to be inspired by amazing achievements, but what’s the point? The experience.

Experiences are more valuable than any material possessions. Experiences make us who we are – they form our thinking processes and our vision of the world. Through pursuits such as climbing, we’re able to create our own experiences – sure they’ll always be affected by outside unforseen influences, but that’s the point. So if we can create our own experiences, we can create our own reality.

The following footage was captured deep in the Vegas desert during total immersion on a trip up The Rainbow Wall. We did not have Josh Lowell filming.  We did not do it car to car in a day. The climbing was not rushed. We did not get up before sunrise. We fell numerous times.  We had fun.  We were scared.  We created our reality.

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3 thoughts

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  2. Thank you! To the experience…even though so many of our peers are cutting edge…and to being uncool in the coolest of ways! Can’t wait to watch the film!

  3. “Uncool in the coolest of ways” I’m gonna use that!

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