Egmont Key – Fort Desoto’s hot sister, is home to not only thousands of nesting shore birds, but also some of Florida’s finest bouldering.  Battery Bigelow at Fort Dade on Egmont Key was destroyed by hurricanes in 1932 leaving behind gently overhung walls right at the waters edge.  While its no Virgin Gorda, the beach front bouldering on Egmont Key never the less provides an idyllic setting for the adventurous flatlander.egmontarete1 Paradisebuildering climbing

kayak Paradisebuildering climbing

Use your preferred mode of water transport to reach Egmont.

Launching from the fishing pier at Fort Desoto, it takes about 2 hours to reach Egmont by kayak or canoe while dodging the huge freighters and cruise ships that run the channel between the islands.

egmontarete2 Paradisebuildering climbing

egdark Paradisebuildering climbing

egcrack Paradisebuildering climbing

Hand crack at Egmont.

egmonttopo Paradisebuildering climbing

Topo of bouldering at Egmont. Click for larger version.

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  1. Tape gloves? it’s like the creek only sharper, shorter, and sea level!

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