Storming the fort.

Climbing is where you find it.  Some people have marvelous crags a mere stone’s throw from their homes, while others (namely us Floridians) may not be so fortunate.  Those not blessed with the presence of rocks nearby have taken to the streets in search of human creations upon which to feed their hunger. Skyscrapers, freeway overpasses, and municipal buildings all lead second lives as virtual El Caps, Columbia Boulders, and Endless Walls for those with the vision. Here in St. Petersburg, we have Fort Desoto.

cannon Storming the fort.buildering climbing

Bouldering at Fort Desoto.

rollergirl Storming the fort.buildering climbing

Climbing is dangerous!

In 1898 construction began on Fort Desoto.  Made from a shell, stone and concrete mixture, the walls of this fort have weathered many storms almost flawlessly.  Those few flaws that do exist provide a perfect playground for climbers trapped in Florida.  Small crimps and thin cracks have been pieced together by locals to create a handful of surprisingly quality boulder problems.

wendel Storming the fort.buildering climbing

The Iron Seagull.

hal Storming the fort.buildering climbing

trashcan Storming the fort.buildering climbing

The Trash Can Arete.

Fort Desoto has a sibling named Fort Dade, located on Egmont Key.

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