What more can be said about California’s Sierra range?  The place has it all.  From damn near perfect weather and solid granite to pristine wilderness and amazing light shows every morning and evening.

hulk Incredible...climbing

In July Josh Finkelstein and I departed Colorado’s frontrange with the High Sierra set firmly in our sights.  Ahead of us lay 2 months worth of clean white granite, crystal clear mountain water and more crack than a South Compton ghetto.hdflower Incredible...climbing

3 weeks in Yosemite National Park climbing and guiding a group from Vertical Ventures served as a good warm-up for the back country adventures we had in mind.

Nk961871756 Incredible...climbing

Whats better than the perfect pitches of Blues Riff? Blues Riff done in one perfect pitch.

ozhob Incredible...climbing

A great view of the OZ/Hobbit Book link-up.

From Yosemite, we headed north past the town of Bridgeport and into The Hoover Wilderness.  Tucked deep within this pristine area of the Sierra lies an objective worthy of any domestic Alpinista’s tick list – The Incredible Hulk.

hulkstars2 Incredible...climbing

The Incredible Hulk and stars from camp.

hulktent Incredible...climbing

Saluting the Hulk from camp.

The Hulk is absolutely STACKED with prime lines up nearly perfect white granite.  If you go, arm yourself with as many topos as possible.

hulktopos Incredible...climbing

Overlay of 5 classics on the Hulk. Click the image for large version.

Check out these links to topos for Hulk Routes: Sunspot Dihedral, Airstream, Positive Vibrations, Venturi Effect and Tradewinds.
Just up canyon from the Hulk lies Ice lake.  Bring your tackle for some rest day fun.

trout Incredible...climbing

Fresh brookies from Ice lake.

rainday Incredible...climbing

Mike Pennings, Jimmy Haden and Josh Finkelstein wait out an afternoon thunderstorm.

tentnight Incredible...climbing

Camp below The Hulk at night.

From the Hulk we headed south to The Needles.  This area had lingered in my mind since the first time I saw a picture of it, yet somehow it took 12 years just to make it there.  The wait was well worth it.  The Needles are everything you’ve ever wanted granite trad climbing to be.  Only way better.

needles Incredible...climbing

The great east face of the Sorcerer.

germans Incredible...climbing

German team starting up the second pitch of Atlantis.

westwind Incredible...climbing

Darren Snipes dances up Westwind on the Sorcerer.

Josh and Chris on Atlantis from chris brown on Vimeo.

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8 thoughts

  1. Yo man
    saying I am dancing up a climb makes me sound kinda fruity. Great photos, cool blog.

  2. I don’t know… think about it as break dancing. break dancing is not too fruity. i agree, cool blog. come visit d-ron and i out here in vegas.


  3. -Sup boys!? Nothin’ fruity about you Snipes – or so the ladies say. Gomoll on the other hand… saw you got a name drop in Alpinist though. Good chance I’ll be doing Vegas in Jan or Feb.

  4. Yellow dudes. I think your are both quite neat. It is amazing that you should climb such unforgettable lines with no whiskey in your system…or perhaps you did.

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